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May 31, 2021

Hospitality & Event Management Services

First Year Apprentice Chef - 1 Position

  • Mudgee
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Flexible / rotating rosters, Weekend and after hours work required

Type of Employment

Trade - Food

Job Description

We are offering two full-time apprenticeship in commercial cookery
If you are passionate about food and cooking and interested in a career as a qualified cook, we can offer you an excellent opportunity as a 1st year Apprentice!
This is a full-time opportunity offered under the terms and conditions of the Registered and Licensed Clubs Award. For the right candidate, the Club will reimburse training fees and the cost of prescribed text books in line with the Award.
As an Apprentice Chef, you will work under the direct supervision of our chefs and learn basic culinary and knife skills, gain knowledge of ingredients, the use of commercial equipment and kitchen procedures, including food safety and hygiene. You will undertake kitchen cleaning and equipment maintenance. You may also be required to assist in other areas of food preparation, service and storage.
The kitchen works at a fast pace and work schedules can include long hours. Essential to this role are your:
 Desire to learn and your commitment to completing the apprenticeship;  Personal drive and motivation;  Reliability and positive attitude;  Ability to listen, follow instructions, and ask for help;  High standards of hygiene and cleanliness as reflected in your personal presentation;  Excellent verbal communication skills and your skills in reading and writing in English;  Ability to lift up to 10 kgs and to stand for long periods of time.

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