Help – local job seekers

Help – local job seekers

About the Site

What is Mudgee Region Jobs?

Mudgee Region Jobs connects Employers, Educators and Job Seekers, building employability skills within local communities, reducing commuter populations, retaining talented people and strengthening local business

Why join Mudgee Region Jobs?

Easily search for and connect with local organisations. Find local jobs, research local employers, find employability training.

Account Registration and Login

Create your account

It\'s easy, first:

  • Click on \"Register\" in the top menu.
  • Create a username. This used only for logging in.
  • Enter your email, name, location, password, you are a job seeker and create your account.

This will then prompt you to create your profile.


Create your job seeker profile

You need to have created an account before you can create a profile.

Important: creating a profile is NOT moderated for quality and locality. 

    1. From your dashboard or from the homepage, click "Add Job Seeker Profile
    2. Name
    3. Tickets & certificates
    4. What type of work you're looking for
    5. Includes:

      1. Add up to 3 referees: who they are, their role, their organisation, how you know them and best contact methodFormal education / qualifications
      2. Bio (About you)
      3. Location 
      4. Volunteering and work experience


  • Make sure you let your referees know that you have them listed as your referee.
  • After submission, you can manage your profile from your dashboard.

Forgot password

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password by email from the Login page.

An email with instructions to reset your password will be sent to you.


Find local employers

You can search for local employers from the Employers directory page in the Employers menu.

Use keywords to find employers you want to target.

Find local educators

You can search for local employers from the Educators directory page in the Educators menu.

Use keywords to find education organisations you want to learn from.

Find local jobs

You can search for currently open or soon to be advertised local jobs from the Jobs Board  in the Jobs menu.

Use keywords and the map to find jobs you're targeting.

Find training

You can search for local employability, job-ready and other workplace related training from the Training menu.

Use the date to find events from that date forward.

Use keywords to find training relating to what interests you.

Or you can search by location.

Contacting others

To contact a organisation from the Employers or the Educators directory, click on the Organisation name to open up a detailed listing of the information.

  • If provided, the organisation's contact information (phone number, address, website) can be found in the left hand sidebar, beneath the business logo.
  • You can send the organisation a message. They will be notified immediately and can respond to you via your chosen communication method.