Pipeclay Pumphouse –


Pipeclay Pumphouse

Budgee Budgee


Driver licence, Responsible Service of Alcohol RSA

Mudgee’s unique fine dining restaurant at the Robert Stein Vineyard & Winery. Our produce is home grown or locally sourced and prepared with a fine touch in a relaxed atmosphere. For menu diversity we also source some produce from further afield.
Looking for Candidates with the Following Attributes
  • Strong work ethic - Conscientious motivated and dedicated to getting the job done
  • Team player - Cooperate and work well in groups and teams
  • Reliable and dependable - Turns up on time, does what they say they will do.
  • Willingness to learn - Open to new learning experiences
  • Personal presentation - Presents themselves well and appropriately for the workplace
  • Listen and follow instructions - Actively listens and can take direction from managers and leaders
  • Work under pressure - Can work under pressure to deliver
  • Attention to detail - Ensures that quality work is done
Minimum Employment Requirements
  • Driver licence
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol RSA
Contract Types
  • Part-time