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Regular drug & alcohol tests

The Moolarben Coal Complex is located approximately 40 kilometres north of Mudgee in the Western Coalfields of New South Wales (NSW).

Moolarben Coal Operations Pty Ltd (MCO) is the operator of the Moolarben Coal Complex on behalf of the Moolarben Joint Venture (Moolarben Coal Mines Pty Ltd, Yancoal Moolarben Pty Ltd and a consortium of Korean power companies). MCO, Moolarben Coal Mines Pty Ltd and Yancoal Moolarben are wholly owned subsidiaries of Yancoal Australia Limited.

Operating 24 hours a day, the Moolarben Coal Complex comprises open cut mining areas, underground mining areas and other mining related infrastructure (including coal processing and transport facilities).

Mining operations at the Moolarben Coal Complex are currently approved until 31 December 2038 and would continue to be carried out in accordance with Project Approval (05_0117) (Moolarben Coal Project Stage 1) as modified and Project Approval (08_0135) (Moolarben Coal Project Stage 2) as modified.

Looking for Candidates with the Following Attributes
  • Strong work ethic - Conscientious motivated and dedicated to getting the job done
  • Team player - Cooperate and work well in groups and teams
  • Reliable and dependable - Turns up on time, does what they say they will do.
  • Communication skills - Clear and proactive communicator.
  • Courtesy, respect, polite - Respectful of other team members, leaders, customers and partners.
Minimum Employment Requirements
  • Regular drug & alcohol tests
Early Career Opportunities
  • Work experience placements
  • Apprenticeships
  • Graduate positions / internships
Contract Types
  • Full-time

Yancoal offers a wide ranges of benefits to eligible employees.